Minnesota State High School Mathematics League

Over thirty years of challenging Minnesota math students. Sponsored by Augsburg College

How To Start A Team

Math League teams are school based. A teacher or other approved adult may coach a team, as determined by the represented school.

Teams are formed in the fall, and should be registered by September 15th. The registration fee of $500 per school is due by October 15th. The number of students participating from the school is unlimited.Students may be recruited from any grade level.

Notify the League office and you can receive a CD of previous year’s exams as practice problems.

Your new team will be assigned to a division that is appropriate by school size, geography, and division size. The division coordinator will contact you and provide you with the meet schedule for your division. Each of the 5 meets is held at a different school within the division.

Register with the league, recruit your students, set up your practice times, join a division and you are ready to compete!

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