Minnesota State High School Mathematics League

Over thirty years of challenging Minnesota math students. Sponsored by Augsburg University

2020-2021 Divisions & Sections

Schools are assigned to a Division based on geographic proximity. Schools in a Division come together in person for each meet of the season at various locations around the state. School teams and individual winners of Divisions receive awards.

Divisions for the 2020-2021 Season

The League also assigns schools to a Class, based on enrollment and past season performance, and virtual Section within each Class, based on geographic proximity. School team winners of their section advance to the state tournament in March, as well as wildcard school teams within a Class, state-wide high-scoring school teams and high scoring individuals.

The Class and Section assignments for this season have not changed from last season. The only updates are to remove schools that are not participating.

New Class/Section FAQ

1. Will we still have Division plaques for the top 2 (or 3) teams?

Yes, but there will be no plaques for section winners.

2. How will we rank teams in the section?
By total points. This illustrates the need for uniformity in grading. PLEASE mark student questions as WRONG if their answer does not match the provided answer (with discretion of graders to apply associative, commutative, and distributive properties). If students are convinced that the answer key is incorrect, please follow the challenge procedures.

3. Does the new tournament qualification process (i.e. Sections) change the way individuals qualify for the state tournament?

No. The top individual from each Division plus the top 50 (and ties) across the state will be invited to the Individual Tournament

4. How often are Class and Section assignments reviewed?

Every two years, starting in 2019 – 2020. This year’s assignment is only for one year.

5. What happens if a school joins the League late?

Schools that join late will be placed in an appropriate Class and Section. Teams in that Section will be notified of the addition.

6. How do teams see their section standing?

Go to https://www.scoringmnmathleague.org/ and click on
“Meet Op->Section Meet Results” for individual meet results. For cumulative section standings, see “Reports->Section Standings”.

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